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May I pay my bill online? 

Yes. Click here to pay your bill.


I'm Leaving For A Length Of Time. Should I...

... Shut My Water Off? 

Yes. The main shut off valve is located near your water meter inside the house.

... Shut My Heat off? 

No. Tabernash historically has had adverse weather conditions throughout the entire year. Do NOT ever have your heat shut off. We recommend leaving it at a minimum of 50 degrees.


What Is The Source Of Funding For District Debt And Operations? 

The District is funded through service fees, tap fees and a property tax mill levy, which is divided between debt service and operations. The District's Board of Directors has certified 38.795 mills, including 32.47 mills for debt service and 6.325 mills for operations expenses in the 2024 budget. The District's Board of Directors adopts a budget annually and sets its mill levy for the following year based upon the needs of the District. The budget is adopted at a public hearing and property owners are encouraged to attend and provide comments. A copy the Annual Budget can be found on the District website on the District Information page under Financial Information. Click here to be directed to the Financial Page.

How Are Taxes Calculated? 

Property taxes are determined by completing the following calculation for an individual parcel of property: Market Value x residential assessment rate (RAR) x mill levy / 1000 =Annual Tax Bill.

Example: $100,000 market value home x .068 (RAR 2024) = $6,800 assessed value x 38.795 mills / 1000 = $263.81 annual tax bill.

Please follow this link to research RAR: Property Tax Classification And Assessment Rates | Colorado General Assembly

The assessed valuation of a property is determined by the County Assessor(opens in new window).

How Does The District Relate To The Homeowners' Associations? 

The District is a separate legal entity, has a separate elected Board of Directors, and is not affiliated with the homeowners' associations within the community ("Association/HOA"). An Association/HOA is formed pursuant to its declarations for purposes of care and maintenance of any common elements created pursuant to that particular declaration, and collection of assessments and enforcement of covenants and restrictions imposed by the declaration. Any assessments due from owners to an Association are separate from and in addition to taxes payable to the District.

Water Damage Can Cost You 

Water damage may or may not be covered separately on a typical homeowner's insurance policy. To verify whether water damage is covered in your policy, contact your insurance agent. Tabernash Meadows Water and Sanitation District is not responsible for water damage caused by a property's service line or internal plumbing.

Homeowner Responsibility 

Tabernash Meadows Water and Sanitation District is responsible for maintaining and replacing water and sanitary sewer mains throughout its service area, while property owners are responsible for the service lines and meters at their service address.